PA Choice

by admin on June 14, 2011

Depending on the utility, Pennsylvania energy users have a variety of electricity suppliers to choose from when shopping for lower electricity prices.  The two largest utilities, PECO and PPL, have the most options for their customers.  PPL had their rate caps expire at the beginning of 2010.  When this happened competitive electric rates were lower than the new default rates which propelled many competitive electric suppliers to enter the market and offer rate products to the 1.2 million PPL residential customers and 200,000 PPL business customers.

PECO capped rates were lifted at the start of 2011.  Competitive energy rates were extremely attractive compared to the PECO default rates.  However, electric supplies have been successful with selling their rates and products by pitching price certainty in the volatile energy markets.  PECO default rates change on a quarterly base, so customers that do not lock in rates are subject to huge rate increases in a short period of time.  The best thing for consumers to do in the new Pennsylvania electric choice market is to lock in low fixed rates in order to have price certainty for the coming year.

Met-Ed, Duquesne Light, and Penelec customers are starting to see new electric rate offers and suppliers begin to compete for more of the Pennsylvania market share.


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