by admin on July 27, 2011

Baltimore electricity customers are able to shop for competitive electric rates and save money. Electricity choice is a good thing for Baltimore. Instead of being forced to pay Baltimore Gas & Electric default rates, customers can switch electric suppliers and choose from a variety of rate products (fixed, variable, wind power) and terms (monthly, long term fixed, short term fixed), as well as choose an electricity company for alternative reasons such as promotional offers or fund raising projects that the company may be organizing.

The deregulation of Maryland electricity has allowed competitive electric companies to enter the market and compete for Baltimore consumers. When customers decide to switch electric suppliers they still remain Baltimore Gas & Electric customers because BGE continues to serve as the regulated power delivery company. BGE will also continue to send the monthly electric bill to their customers. Switching electric suppliers is really just about finding a electricity company that can offer something that the BGE default rate cannot whether that is a lower electricity rate, green energy, or price certainty with a long term fixed rate.

Electricity customers outside of Baltimore can also shop for competitive electricity rates. Maryland electric choice divides the state up by utility area. If your electric company is BG&E, you will get the same electric rate offers as all other BG&E customers for residential service. Baltimore commercial electricity customers will have the ability to negotiate rates and terms that fit their needs.

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