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by admin on July 15, 2011

PPL commercial and industrial customers have more reasons to compare electric rates today than ever before. The Pennsylvania Energy Choice act gives businesses the ability to shop for competitive electricity rates that can lower their monthly PP&L electric bills substantially.

It is important that business owners and executives who receive their power from PPL, and who wish to find a lower electricity rate, take the time to review all offers to make sure that the prices being offered are on the same playing field. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission demands that all electricity companies offer residential rates directly comparable to the utility published Price to Compare. This is not true for commercial rates. Businesses are expected to be smart enough to dissect all electricity price offers provided by competitive electric companies.

As you might already know, electricity companies have a way of offering their electric rates through long and extensive energy contracts in very small print. These contracts can contain a wide array of hidden charges and rate additions that might not be advertised on a custom made savings analysis.

We make sure that all electricity rate offers are received from well qualified electricity companies and demand that the rates are directly comparable to the published utility default Price to Compare. We provide a peace of mind for our PPL commercial customers that the rate we display is the rate that will show up on their electric bill.

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