by admin on January 4, 2012

Consumers living in Aurora, Illinois are learning that for the first time they have the ability to compare electric rates and find savings on their monthly Commonwealth Edison electric bill. Electricity companies are entering the ComEd market, which includes Chicago and the surrounding cities, and are offering competitive low electric prices.

Consumers who do not shop for competitive electric rates pay a default rate with ComEd. Those consumers who do shop and choose a lower priced electric supplier will continue to receive their monthly electric bill from ComEd, with the only difference being the rate that they pay for electricity generation service. The competitive generation rate replaces the ComEd default price to compare rate; so if you shop and find an electric rate that is 20% lower than the price to compare rate, you will save 20% on the generation portion of your electric bill.

The delivery charges remain regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission and are charged by ComEd. No matter which electric supplier a consumer uses in Aurora, the delivery charges will be the same. Commonwealth Edison is still the regulated electricity utility for the city of Aurora. They are responsible for delivering power to homes and businesses and responding to emergencies. Their attitude towards customers who shop for competitive rates will not be any different than those customers who remain on the high price to compare default rate, this is guaranteed by the Illinois Electric Choice Laws.

Look below to compare electric rates in Aurora:

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