Power Companies

by admin on June 7, 2012

In competitive energy markets choosing the right power company to provide electricity for your home can have a huge impact on how high your monthly electric bill will be. Some power companies focus on giving their customers the lowest price for energy that they can in order to keep the bills low and retain customers for the long haul.

Other power companies take a marketing strategy aimed at gathering customers through promotions and reward programs. These power companies will often offer a variable rate, sometimes not even mentioning what the initial rate will be. The strategy is to keep the customers focused on the rewards while they charge rates that are well above the most competitive prices available.

At CompareElectricRates.com we are focused on giving our customers options from reputable power companies who are looking to gain customers by offering, above all else, the most competitive prices for power. We also strive to work with only those power companies who have consistent customer satisfaction ratings and are financially healthy. While it is not uncommon for power companies to offer incentives and rewards on our site, we always demand that there is transparency in the rate and term, as we feel this should be the most important factor when choosing a power company offer.

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