Compare National Grid Electricity Prices in Massachusetts

by admin on November 11, 2015

The combination of favorable energy choice laws and convenient energy shopping sites has made comparing electricity rates in Massachusetts easier than it has ever been before. When you Add to the convenience factor that utility default rates are at an all time high, the benefit of shopping for a competitive electricity rate in Massachusetts become a no brainer. This is especially true in the National Grid service area where customers can reduce their electricity bills by as much as 20% by simply shopping for a lower Massachusetts electricity supplier.

The unbundling of National Grid in Massachusetts, who recently changed their name to Eversource Energy, allows consumers to shop and compare electricity rates from dozens of competitive suppliers. Across the country, states that have deregulated their energy markets are seeing an increase in the number of participating electricity shoppers due to an increase in awareness of the state choice laws. Marketing efforts by the competitive electricity suppliers has also helped consumers to better understand the Massachusetts electricity choice laws.

Shopping for the best electric rate and switching to a competitive supplier does not effect the customer relationship with National Grid. Even after a customer switches to a competitive Massachusetts supplier, National Grid remains in charge of responding to emergencies pertaining to the reliability of the power lines and wires. National Grid also continues to send their customers the monthly electric bill, with the only difference being the supply rate that the customer chose will replace the National Grid default price for electricity.

Lower prices with a consistent quality of power provides a nice advantage for consumers who are willing to take the time to compare National Grid competitive electricity rates. In an environment where energy markets are volatile, locking in a low fixed electric rate can bring a great peace of mind for consumers who are trying to lower their expenses. When comparing electricity rates in the National Grid service area, customers should pay close attention the the rate being offered and how it compares to the National Grid price to compare, the term of the contract, and the penalty for an early termination fee. Start comparing electricity rates below. All of the suppliers listed are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

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