About Electric Choice

Learn more about what electricity deregulation and choice means to you.

Electricity choice laws give consumers the ability to choose who they buy their power from. For many savvy electricity shoppers this means finding the lowest electric rate available. However, there is more to consider than just the single rate being offered by an electricity company.

Customers may also decide to buy their electricity from companies offering wind or hydro power to help the effort to support green energy. Perhaps they wish to buy their power from a company with a good marketing image or one that has a reputation for having excellent customer service. Maybe the customer wishes to lock in a long 36 month fixed rate contract, while another customer may want to just lock in a three month fixed rate because they are planning to move soon. Electricity choice provides consumers with more options, lower prices, and the better customer service than what a regulated market provides.

CompareElectricRates.com makes shopping and choosing an electricity company an easy process. There are no switching fees, no interruption of service, and we even take care of informing your current electricity company that you are making a change. Electric choice is all about having options and saving money. CompareElectricRates.com brings the best electricity companies onto one platform for internet savvy consumers to shop and compare low electricity prices.