Business Electric

Looking for ways to reduce your energy bills at your business? You’ve come to the right place.

Shopping for a competitive electricity rate for your business can be a stressful and tedious process. Unlike residential customers who are protected by state utility commissions from energy companies who practice deceitful marketing (hidden charges), commercial customers are expected to have the knowledge and insight to properly review the energy agreements that might possess such hidden fees.

Failing to engage in due diligence over the electricity contract can result in electric bills that are double than what you may have expected. Among other things, business customers should review electricity contracts for additional charges to the stated rate (does the rate include transmission charges, congestion fees, taxes), small swing variations (will you be charged extra if you consume less or more than an estimated amount of electricity), and unnecessary meter fees.

At, we provide easy, no-nonsense electricity rate offers for business customers. We facilitate a bid process amongst energy companies to compete for your business to ensure that you are getting the lowest electric rate on the market. All offers are dissected to make sure that we are seeing rates that are apples-to-apples comparisons; and all rates include the entire generation supply portion of the bill (No Hidden Fees). We also take the time to negotiate full swing provisions (no extra fees for more or less consumption of estimated usage) and eliminate any unnecessary meter fees.

We are going to find you the best electric rate for your business so that you will be pleasantly surprised when that monthly electric bill arrives in hand.